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Web Mah

Module dates

September 29 - October 09, 2014
April 24 - May 05, 2015
November 05 - November 14, 2015 (if attending MAH conference in Montreal) / November 09 - November 18, 2015 (if in Krems)
April 23 - May 03, 2016

Content and Topics

Depending on the international faculty's availibilty and students' needs, the sequence of the content below might vary over modules. All material will be covered within the cycle of the course during the 4 modules and not repeated during the 2-year program.
Bio Art
Cyberfeminist Art
Exhibiting and Curating I
Important Media Art Institutions
Machine Art
Market of Media Art / -Management
Media Art Histories I
Preservation of Digital Art
Translocal Practices
Art & Science - History of Science
MediaArtHistories & Media Archaeology
Media Theory and Theory of multimedia-based systems
Social Software
Spaces of interaction and their planning
Theory of perception
Excursion ZKM
Art and Cognition
Digital Art Archiving and Preservation
Exhibiting & Curating II
Excursion regional
Interactivity as paradigm of New Media
Intercultural Media Art
Law and Copyright
Visualization Strategies
Design & Function of Knowledge Space
Digital Tools and their programming
Excursion Renew Riga
From Telematic Images to Micromovies
Introduction to Interfacedesign
Immersion & Emotion
Locative Media: Augmented Space
Medial performance, theater und opera