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Quality Management

at Danube University Krems

Quality Strategy

Danube University takes on the societal challenge of Lifelong learning and offers part time academic studies and continuing professional development. It is familiar with the specific requirements for lifelong learning and part time academic studies and combines scientific grounding with practical applicability. The teaching and learning methods and architectures are designed to permit a maximum degree of flexibility (e.g. modules, block courses, e-learning). The pedagogical approach and course materials are tailored to the needs of adult professionals.

In the area of research, the University’s primary focus is on translational and practice-based research in collaboration with business and scientific partners as well as public institutions at home and abroad. Frontier research is conducted in a selection of specialized fields. The range of these fields of activity permits innovative, interdisciplinary connections.

Quality Management System – Internal Quality Assurance

An integrated quality management system was implemented to assure quality and performance. Its success is based on continuous development, expansion and integration of the quality instruments to a single, comprehensive quality management system and a deeply-rooted, all-encompassing quality culture. Both administrative and teaching staff play an essential role as ambassadors of this quality culture.

The quality strategies, the implementation of principles and standards, the evaluation, monitoring and continuous development of the Quality Management System are applied in the following areas:

  • Teaching/scientific professional development
  • Research and Development
  • Cross functions – supporting structures and processes
  • Information systems and stakeholder involvement

External Quality Assurance

Quality management system audits/certification in compliance with the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education


AQ Austria Certified

The quality management system at Danube University Krems underwent an audit in 2014/2015 in compliance with the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG) and was conditionally certified by AQ Austriain May 2015.


The following areas were audited (in compliance with HS-QSG):

  • Quality strategy and its integration into the university’s steering instruments;
  • quality assurance structures and procedures in studies and teaching, research and development, organization and administration and staff;
  • Inclusion of internationalization and societal goals in the quality management System;
  • Information systems and stakeholder involvement.

The procedure is described in detail in the AQ Austria’s Guideline.
The results and the audit report from the AQ Austria as well as the statement by Danube University Krems are published on the AQ Austria website.


Study program accreditation by specialized quality assurance agencies



The following university courses have been accredited by external agencies:




The following program has been accredited by the AHPGS – Accreditation Agency for Health and Social Policy:


 Aqas Logo

The following degree programs have been accredited by AQAS e.V. – Agency for Quality Assurance (Link ):


 Fibaa Akkreditiert


The following degree programs have been accredited by FIBAA – Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation:




PhD degree programs accredited

The PhD degree programs at the Danube University Krems have been accredited by AQ Austria in accordance with §§ 18 ff and 24 ff of the Act of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG), BGBl. I Nr. 74/2011.


  • PhD Regenerative Medicine
  • PhD Migration Studies


Quality certification of individual departments or centers

ACBSP  The Danube Business School (Department of Management and Economics at Danube University Krems) fulfills the requirements for Candidate for Accreditation of the ACBSP, Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, and is currently in the “Self Study Year” in which a number of parameters for accreditation are being assessed. In particular, an External Learning Outcome Assessment is being tested - currently unique in Europe - which allows students to compare learning outcomes with those of other business schools (currently only in the USA.)
 Qa Biomed

The Center for Biomedical Technology and the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by Quality Austria. The Centers conduct research in the field of biomedical technology, specifically extracorporeal blood purification processes, adsorption, membrane and sensor technologies for clinical applications, as well as tissue engineering methods.

 Quality Austria


The Department of Knowledge and Communication Management has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by Quality Austria. The Department is engaged in research and teaching encompassing all cognition and communication processes. It also includes the degree course “Quality Management.”


Professional Accreditation of University courses

Danube University Krems offers a number of qualifying courses for particular professions (e.g. psychotherapy, real estate manager, financial consultant). Externally conducted quality assurance is required for this national and/or professional qualification as a prerequisite for obtaining professional credentials, as these courses must fulfill specific educational guidelines.
A list of courses for professional accreditation is published every year in the universities’ intellectual capital report.


Office for Quality Management and Teaching Enhancement

The Rectorate’s Office for Quality Management and Teaching Enhancement oversees and coordinates the development of the quality management system.