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The windmills of the classical music industry are on fire.
Report about CLASSICAL:NEXT 2015, by Nora Bammer
A renowned international market place for music, musicians, bookers, managers, venues, educators, music networks and researchers. A fair, a conference, a festival, concerts and innovation awards – a planet full of possibilities - all in one place. Sounds like wishful thinking within daily music business. Classical:NEXT makes it all possible and provides the platform to present areas of interest, pitch fresh ideas, discuss within conference topics, share tasks and instantly connect and cooperate. Almost completely free of technology. Face to face, one musical enthusiasm nourishing the other, pdf formats converted back to discussion, professional motivation and innovative processes.

“Mainstream is listening to classical music now
and the industry needs to reach out. “

(Anthony Sargent)

To find new paths for this outreach more than 1,000 music professionals from 45 countries, 600 companies, 72 performers, 209 exhibitors, 22 musical acts and 72 expert speakers met in Rotterdam and nourished what closing-event moderator, Anthony Sargent calls “a movement” instead of “just a conference”.

As the title Classical:NEXT reveals – one of the questions often asked during the event was: What is next in classical music? A topic regularly tackled at Danube University Krems. In the rapidly changing music market it is not tomorrow’s but actually today’s ideas and innovations that are “next”. All who fancy a little taste of last week’s music business harvest dedicated to all musicians and music business entrepreneurs should take in some of the mottos as new food for thought.

“Only do, what only YOU can do!”

(Ruth Mackenzie, Holland Festival)

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key words for many and can also be fostered “by the thrive to not know” what the day brings, which helps to keep an open mind about all possibilities.

“Go for the unknown!”

Audiences are not dying, they are just being born and more vibrant than ever, and audience outreach is a new keyword for musicians and orchestras. The target groups that are most important to concentrate on, are “the people, who are found on the empty seats of the concert halls.” (Yannick Hiwat, Violinist)

Social media, as an important centre of attention for many discussions, is still just the communication part of the live event. “It is like a phone call or a love letter versus actual human encounter or in this case musical performance.”


What feels like the outcomes of 2 years of networking, planning, input, connecting and getting to know was distilled into only 4 days at Classical:NEXT. Nora Bammer from the Centre for Contemporary Music at Danube University Krems used this year's Classical:NEXT to generate valuable new contacts, new ideas as well as growing networks of students, lecturers and business professionals for current and future projects.


The Centre for Contemporary Music is looking forward to step into this music industry land of milk and honey of Classical:NEXT again in 2016, in Rotterdam 25-28 May. Save the date!


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