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TIA - Teaching in Architecture - Conference 2007

Teaching Sustainability – Theory, Methods, Best Practise

Danube University Krems
14.09.2007 - 15.09.2007
The Danube University Krems, Department for Building and Environment togehther with TIA Teaching in Architecture - Energy and Environment World Network arranged the 4th International Conference for Teachers in Architecture and Engineering.

According to the conception of the TIA-Conferences to interchange ideas between experts, the essential gain of insight resulted from discussion in which three subject areas emerged.

Context sensitivity – a key to sustainability

To respond to the specific conditions of a given site considering social, ecological and economical aspects has been deemed to be the fundamental ability of the architect taking responsibility for a sustainable development. Moreover the cognition of the historical context has to be considered. Thus to train a broad awareness should be an essential part of an architectural study course.  

Artist, service provider or development worker - role perception for young architects

It has been censoriously questioned what the architect´s contribution to a sustainable development could be. To argue this topic a special focus has been put on regions where basic needs of housing and providing infrastructure have to be fulfilled under circumstances of widespread poverty. A reasonable role for an architect supporting the creation of living space cannot be fulfilled just by doing design. There is a basic necessity to get involved with the user and its unique needs.  

Western-oriented building style - antetype or daunting example

The single family house typical for the suburb of western cities has been identified as an archetype people still aim at all over the world. The high consumption rate and therefore total dependency on fossil based materials and energy of this type has been clearly demonstrated. Therefore worthwhile alternatives meeting regional personal needs and environmental sustainability have to be defined and implemented into public awareness.

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