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ePortfiolio Readiness
Leitung:   Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Erwin Bratengeyer
The main aim of the project addresses the domain of lifelong learning in terms of educational policy perspectives and in terms of individual learners´ perspectives. The rise of ePortfolio-related technologies and initiatives empowers both the policy makers and the individual. To enable purposeful implementation and use of ePortfolios on a larger scale it is essential to build on well-grounded strategies. This project intends to identify the strategies and the readiness of all SEE countries to respond to the requirements of a modern learning society.


Auftraggeber/in  Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office 
Laufzeit  September 2007 - Mai 2008 
Status  genehmigt 
Projektpartner/innen  ZaMirNET
University of Pitesti
University of Chemichal Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia 
Koordinator/in  IMB 
Projektdurchführung  DI Dr. Erwin Bratengeyer 

General objectives

identifying the current status of ePortfolio policies of all SEE countries
identifying and compare the current status of ePortfolio policies of Austria and of European countries with advanced experiences such as UK and NL
analysing national or regional positions, engagements and strategies relative to eventual ePortfolio activities
concluding upon the current trends and emerging issues in the countries involved
evaluating ePortfolio readiness in the country or in the region involved (based on general criteria and criteria to be developed)
providing case studies, best practice examples and recommendations for ePortfolio implementation in SEE countries
initiating networking with the organisations involved in ePortfolio implementations between EU and SEE

Brief description of the activities

In a first approach work will be based on existing ePortfolio-related knowledge of the experts involved. The partners do have a basic overview of the issues addressed specific for their own countries. To cover an extended view encompassing all SEE countries in addition each partner will investigate ePortfolio-related activities in two neighbouring countries in a second approach:
-) The Croatian partner will investigate Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
-) The Romanian partner will investigate Serbia (including Kosovo) and Montenegro
-) The Bulgarian partner will investigate Albania and FYR of Macedonia
-) The Austrian partner will investigate other European countries such as UK and NL

The investigations include:
-) scanning for publications of ePortfolio or better to say eLearning policy papers
-) scanning for ePortfolio activities (concepts, research, networking)
-) scanning for ePortfolio implementations
-) interviewing experts, stakeholders and policy makers