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Business Education, MA – there’s always so much to discover.
Master Program aimed at professionals in continuing adult education
This unique program combines expert knowledge in business administration with professional skills in using actual technologies and a deep understanding of the learning process. Students will acquire a critical understanding of all aspects of creating relevant learning programs for business application, as well as an ability to inculcate the values of lifelong learning in their own students.

First start of the program on 22nd of February 2016

The Master of Arts in Business Education is aimed at professionals in a variety of settings who are or who plan to be engaged in the delivery of business education. This includes those teaching business in a formal educational setting, in-house company trainers, business development consultants and advisors and those working in training companies. The program is distinctive because it is focussed on learning for the real world so that those completing it are better able to empower others to make genuine improvements in their practice.


Interdisciplinary modules make this program unique

The program combines relevant pedagogic theory with business practice to an accredited, recognized qualification, utilizing contemporary technology. Students complete a range of relevant subject areas as well as complete personal research projects of relevance to their own practice. The combination of post-graduate coursework in business content and curriculum/instruction expands their career opportunities in both business and education.


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Within this 4-term part-time program students acquire the ability to identify problems in the field of adult education, to present them properly and to analyse them with scientific methods, as well as to develop appropriate solutions. In addition, they are able to recognise multidisciplinary problems and to develop possible contributions of industrial and vocational education to solve such problems.

Faculty of top-ranking scientists

The faculty consists of top ranking scientists from different countries with a wide range of key activities and fields of expertise. This assures a comprehensive and differentiated picture of the imparted topics and enables students to get profound knowledge in the specialist fields of business education.





Course Director (FH) Mag.a Elisabeth Neumayer

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