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Patient Blood Management - Focus on perioperative bleeding management

Seminar organized by the Center for Health Sciences

Altes Kloster, Hainburg
02.09.2018 - 07.09.2018
Severe perioperative bleeding is a challenge for the doctors and might become a drama for the patient.
Besides good team work a good knowledge about the physiology and pathophysiology of coagulation, diagnostic possibilities and therapeutic strategies are essential to succeed. In the recent years new insights of coagulation changed our understanding. At the moment the concept of the waterfall cascade is skipped and replaced by the so-called cellular model of coagulation. Newer diagnostic tools facilitate monitoring of coagulation at the bedside of the patient. In concert with this therapeutic concepts which adopted advantages of these diagnostic tools were developed. On the other side algorithms deriving from combat fields are more frequently used in civilian trauma which might lead to uncertainties over when to choose for which strategy.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sibylle Kietaibl

In the light of this development we want to share knowledge and experiences on coagulation and haemostasis and want to discuss different approaches with laboratory specialists, hematologists, internists and anesthesiologists.
To meet this goal the Danube University Krems, University for Continuing Education,organizes an educational program in the area of „Patient Blood Management - Focus on perioperative bleeding management“ from Sunday, September 02 – Friday, September 07, 2018.
To stimulate a high degree of interaction and to give faculty and participants a chance to exchange experiences and ideas we chose a special location in Austria. Here we will all stay during the meeting, work together in the lecture hall and hands-on workshops and will have all meals together. In that way we want to make sure that the exchange and discussion is extended from the lecture hall.

The essence of the seminar is to provide up-to-date education about the pathophysiology of bleeding in different clinical settings, methods of laboratory monitoring, as well as treatment options, treatment algorithms and international guidelines. Consideration of bleeding management as part of the WHO concept of patient blood management and consideration of health care resources will round up the global overview.

The academic faculty will consist of experts, who are well recognized in the scientific and medical world.
For a selected group of 40 invited participants, who have undergone an application/evaluation process and have agreed to contribute to the meeting by presenting a case report from their work environment and to provide their input to the discussions and interactive lectures. Travel costs (Economy Class Airfare, train), accommodation and course materials will be covered by the organizers, who were able to recruit unresctricted funds for this unique educational activity.

Based on the concept of “train the trainers”, educational materials will be provided to participants in order to transfer professional competence to other practitioners in their countries. Furthermore, hands-on workshops on point-of-care coagulation analyzers will enable participants to gain the skills required for physiology-driven point-of-care-guided bleeding management. Discussions and case presentations from our international participants will encourage exchange of clinical experiences during this one week intensive seminar.
Another main focus of the meeting is to trigger global networking that might lead to international registries or future randomized controlled trials.

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