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Amber Road Conference 2016

Cultural heritage and economic performance of the Amber Road today

Danube University Krems, SE 2.4
Entrance free


10:00 Welcome

10:10 Christian Hanus, Danube University Krems
Cultural heritage of the Amber Road

10:30 Gudrun Biffl, Danube University Krems
Economic performance of the Amber Road today

10:50 Irena Zavrl, Tonka Semmler-Matošić, Fachhochschule Burgenland
Cross-cultural management and language acquisition to promote the connecting spirit of the Amber Road

11:10 Aljosa Vitasovic, Mauro Dujmovic, University of Pula
The post-modern tourist: Opportunities for tourism along the Amber Road?

11:30 Tamás Czegledy, Attila Fabian
Beyond cultural heritage – Does it make economic sense to revive the ancient trade route of the Amber Road?

11:50 Monika Kil, Vice-Rector for Academic Teaching/Scientific Continuing Education, Danube University Krems
Handover of the Amber Road Presidency of the Danube University to the University of Bratislava for the second half of 2016

12:15 – 14:00 Break for lunch

14:00 – 16:00 Workshop on a joint MBA “Intercultural tourism and cultural heritage”, Amber Road Partners and Excursion programme

14:00 – 16:00 Parallel Poster session: students present their posters on the conference theme


Call for Poster Session

It is a special concern of the conference to promote the dialogue between different interest groups of the Amber Road and to bring good practice examples of economic revitalisation of the Amber Road to the attention of a larger audience.
Posters submitted to the Call of the Amber Road can include proposals for the economic revitalisation of the Amber Road as well as examples of successful measures including the preservation of the Cultural heritage of the Amber Road.

The posters to be submitted have to have a clear reference to the themes of the Amber Road.

Please find the download in the right hand corner.

Amber Road Network

  • Danube University Krems, Faculty for Business and Globalization
  • The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Department of Business Studies
  • Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Faculty of Economics and Tourism
  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Management and Economics
  • University of West Hungary, Faculty of Economics
  • International School of Law and Business, Faculty of Management and Law, Vilnius 
  • University of Economy in Bydgoszcz, Faculty of Applied Studies
  • University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics in Subotica
  • Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development
  • University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of International Relations
  • University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Business Management
  • University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business


Amber Road Conference 2016
Amber Road Conference 2016
Amber Road
Amber Road Conference Programme
Call for Poster Session
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Call for Poster Session
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Contribution Christian Hanus
Contribution Gudrun Biffl
Contribution Irena Zavrl / Tonka Semmler-Matošić
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