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HERAS: Roland Humer holds workshop on quality assurance
On 30 January 2018, Roland Humer togethr with other international experts conducted a workshop with the members of the central commission for quality assurance and vice-deans of the University of Prishtina faculties. The event took place within the HERAS project.

Heras Workshop Jan2018


The activity was developed in accordance with the needs and demands of the University of Prishtina in the field of quality assurance and how the University of Prishtina could benefit more from its course evaluation. For the workshop, HERAS experts Humer and Feucht had prepared a draft version of "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Classes and the Use of their Results", which will regulate the collection and use of evaluation data.

Noteworthy, the document was prepared as a follow-up to the previous internal workshop that was held in December 2017 with the participation of University of Prishtina officials.

During the workshop the participants provided feedback on the guidelines which will be included in the final version. Once it is finalized, the University of Prishtina Rectorate plans to adopt the guidelines in line with the University of Prishtina statute.


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