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Executive Evening Lecture with Jeff Cabili

Center for Executive Education

Danube-University Krems, SE 2.4
Executive evening lecture with Jeff Cabili, Former Director, International Business Development, Stanford Graduate School of Business (2005-2015) and Lecturer at Stanford Continuing Studies (since 2006).

“The Power of Nonverbal Communication” - Dynamic lecture with a strong focus on nonverbal aspects of communication and how a presenter can improve his/her effectiveness.


This dynamic lecture will focus on the nonverbal aspects of communication. Nonverbal communication can reinforce what you say, but when not used effectively, it can weaken your message. This lecture focuses on techniques of expression, including gestures, body movements, positions and postures, the voice, breathing techniques, sustaining eye contact, the use of silence, and more, with an emphasis on consistency between verbal and nonverbal communication.
It does not focus on “personal” or “intimate” communication but rather on how a presenter can improve his/her effectiveness while lecturing in a multicultural business environment. The lecture will concentrate on “how you say it” rather than on “what you say”. It is not a public speaking course per se but purports to develop skills that will add up to the speaking skills.

The lecture will push the cluster of gestures and movements that are performed unconsciously to a level of consciousness. It will also develop individual sensitivity to the nonverbal communication of others. The lecture will be very interactive and might involve the participation of a few of the attendees.


After the lecture we would like to invite you to join a “get-together” with wine and sandwiches to reflect upon the inputs from the lecture.


Limited number of participants!


Jeff Cabili


Background of the lecturer: 

Jeff Cabili has spent more than twenty-five years in senior management positions for international companies such as HP, Memorex and Vicinity. He has lived in eight countries, and visited more than eighty five countries for business or leisure. He speaks and conducts business in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese) and has some knowledge of two others. As a Total Quality Management (TQM) consultant, he has conducted seminars and workshops for more than 3,900 senior executives.


He has delivered lectures and workshops on "Effective Nonverbal Communication" since 1988 at Universities, Institutions and international corporations.




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