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Professional MBA Biotech, Pharma & MedTech Management

Imagebild Professional MBA Biotech & Pharmamanagement

Admission Criteria

a) Austrian or equivalent foreign university degree (Magister, Bachelor, Master); minimum of 2 years professional experience.

b) Minimum 6 years of professional experience as an equivalent qualification to a university degree.

Sufficient knowledge of the English language (TOEFL or equivalent)


Admission Procedure

 Step 1 - Information

  • Visiting one of our information sessions - or
  • Personal meeting, phone call, etc.

Step 2 - Test Business English

The Business-English test of Danube Business School has to be completed online.


Step 3 - Application

Please send the following documents per mail:

  • Application form
  • Europass-CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • Copies of your credentials
  • Copy of your passport


Step 4 - Application Interview

After evaluation of the submitted documents you will be invited for an application interview (by personal appearance, phone or Skype). Your professional background, knowledge and qualification you already have acquired and your motivation to apply for the program as well as mutual expectations will be discussed in this interview.


Step 5 - Acceptance

On positive completion of the admission procedure you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and will be asked to do the online pre-registration. Subsequently you will receive the invoice covering the tuition fee.


Step 6 - Enrollment /Registration

As soon as your payment has reached the account of Danube University Krems you will be enrolled to the chosen program automatically.




Information for International Students

Please visit our international student's webpage to gain information about entry, residence permission, visa, etc.


Residence Permit

The following documents are required:
1. Completed and signed application form
2. Valid and signed passport (passport must be valid until at least 3 months beyond return and must have a blank page to affix the residence permit)
3. Copies of previous passports
4. One recent photograph (passport format, colour, front view)
5. Original or notarised copy of Birth Certificate
6. Original Certificate of Good Conduct/ Criminal Record (not older than 3 months)
7. Proof of health insurance that is compulsory in Austria and covers every risk: Overview of possible health insurance schemes: 68 KB PDF (for students, self-insurance with the WGKK (without waiting time) is also possible); UNIQA or Vienna Insurance Group
8. Proof of sufficient financial resources (f.e. scholarship, letter of grants, bank statement of last 2 months, other proof of income; parent's account accepted for students only) If your age is below 24 years you need EUR 515,30/ month = EUR 6.183,60/year; if your age is above 24 years you need EUR 933,06/month = EUR 11.196,72/ year
9. Proof of accommodation in Austria (f.e. lease contract, ownership papers)
10. One set of photocopies of all supporting documents
11. Letter of Acceptance of Danube University Krems
All foreign-language documents must be translated into German by a professional translating service.
Applications must be submitted personally.
Please note, that there is no legal claim on obtaining a residence permit for students.
Please allow at least 2 months processing time (all applications have to be sent to Austria)
Costs: ~ EUR 200,-