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Communications MBA, Vertiefung Communication and Leadership

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Der MBA Lehrgang "Communication and Leadership" verknüpft hard und soft-facts. In der Lehrveranstaltungsreihe "GLAT" (Global Leadership and Transformation) werden Person, Interaktion, Organisation und Gesellschaft in der emotionalen Tiefe und Breite der globalen Management- und Organisationszusammenhänge betrachtet. Internationale theoretische Ansätze sind mit Praxis verwoben. Die Studierenden erhalten ein Profil ihrer Führungskompetenz. Maria Spindler > Organisationsberaterin und Forscherin, Dr. Spindler KG

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Wallis Nancy The GLAT module uniquely offers MBA students the opportunity to further their personal development by taking a developmentally oriented leadership profile and receiving individual coaching on their leadership action logics, or perspectives, that guide action and influence results. Students engage in active listening and leadership, moving among peers in a community of inquiry, receiving feedback about their leadership impact and thereby learning together practical ways to help exercise personal power with greater flexibility and mutuality to generate personal and organizational transformation. This is an opportunity to build capacity to lead from the inside out, confidently responding to the deepest calls of our human nature and of the natural world that holds us.

Dr. Nancy C. Wallis > Professor, Pitzer College
Governing Committee, Action Inquiry Associates