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International Business Law, LL.M.

Master of Laws-LL.M.
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In practice, questions of business law often have a cross-border dimension and are determined by EU and International Law. As a result, profound knowledge of European and International Business Law is essential for a successful career in transnational companies and law firms. The LL.M. program offers its participants a highly practice-oriented training and is oriented toward the legal know-how necessary in a globalized world. Therefore, the program provides a short cut to becoming an internationally successful expert in business law for practice in the context of European, international and transcontinental econcomic law. Thanks to the unprecedented cooperation between an Austrian and a Czech university, the participants are not only trained in international and European law, but also learn the respective characteristics of Austrian and Czech law on a comparative basis.
Zielgruppe Recent graduates (graduates of court pracitce, lawyers in training, PhD candidates); Individuals who are confronted with questions of business law in their professional life or who are striving for a legal career in a company.
Zulassungsvoraussetzungen Completed university degree in law, economics or political science
Sprache Englisch
Lernformat Blended Learning
Beginn October 2018
Abschluss Master of Laws-LL.M.
Dauer 2 semesters, part-time through blended learning
ECTS-Punkte 60  (Infos zu ECTS)
Teilnahmegebühr € 9.600,--
Veranstaltungsort Olomouc and Krems
Veranstalter Department für Rechtswissenschaften und Internationale Beziehungen
University of Olomouc
Kontakt Elvira Kaiblinger
Telefon: +43 (0)2732 893-2402,  Fax: +43 (0)2732 893-4400