Unser Masterstudiengang Music Management besteht bereits seit 15 Jahren und ist eines der ältesten Weiterbildungen im Bereich Musikbusiness.

Der Studiengang hat eine Gruppe von Alumni hervorgebracht, die erfolgreich als Manager*innen, Produzenten*innen, Agent*innen und Führungskräfte arbeiten. Sie haben eigene Unternehmen aufgebaut oder mit Unternehmen und Regierungsbehörden wie Universal Music, BMG, Rebeat Digital GmbH oder dem Kulturministerium in der Ukraine zusammen gearbeitet.


Erfahrungsberichte von TeilnehmerInnen und Vortragenden zum Masterstudiengang, Trailer-Videos und Dokumentationen von Exkursionen und Events finden Sie laufend auf unserem YOUTUBE-Kanal.

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Victor Gangl - Music Management Alumn

Trailer Video - Music*Media*Business

„Music Management in Krems is theory that expands into the practical – a mixture of learning content, discourse and networking. The combination of job-related topics, interesting lecturers and the advice of the university team enabled me to get started.“

Philipp Neuhaus - alumni

Head of Catalog and TV Concept Marketing: Sony Music Entertainment Austria GmbH

„My master thesis was a door opener for several positions within the industry.“

Emanuel Rudas - alumni

Former Head of Marketing, International Repertoire, Universal Music Vienna; now: CEO, Truffles & Oysters Marketuing Consulting Paris

„I’ve had amazing experiences in Krems, working with many talented and motivated students. Some have even come to Miami and visited me and stayed in touch with me. I think Danube University has one of the best Music Management programs anywhere.“

Rey Sanchez - lecturer

professor for music, media and industry: University of Miami FROST School of Music

„There is a special family atmosphere at Danube University Krems not only concerning exchanges between students, but also as we interact with lecturers. Students have opportunities to focus on specific areas of interest within the music business field – from global music management and general business planning to legal aspects applicable to music management.“

Irina Frenkel - alumni

Consultant to the Minister of Culture of the Ukraine

„The students are working professionals, their interests practical rather than theoretical and their questions probing. I cover substantive material including US intellectual property law, as well as soft skills such negotiation, leadership, ethics, pitching, and marketing oneself. The students are outstanding in both areas and learn quickly, which is most gratifying for a teacher.“

Judith Merians - lecturer

top international Hollywood attorney: Warner Bros., Regent Entertainment International, Paramount Pictures Corporation, ABC Motion Pictures ...

„I think this course is absolutely fantastic. It is a great asset to the business because it’s bringing people into the business who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so!“

Phil Watts - lecturer

International musical theatre and tour manager, currently tour manager of the Westend production show “Thriller Live”

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