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Music Management, MA

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Themen und Inhalte

Themen   Inhalte  
Music History and Aesthetics   Western Music
Popular Music Forms, Jazz
Global Music: Traditional & Contemporary "World" Music Genres
Psychology and Music Perception
Music Aesthetics, Humanity and Society
Listening and Analysis  
Music Markets   International Music Markets
Economics and the Music Market
Survey of the Classical Music Industry
Music Marketing  
Music Management   Orchestra and Concert Stage Venue Management
Opera, and Classical Music Festival Management
Artist Management
Live Music Management: International Popular Music Forms
Music for Applied Media: The Creative Process and Business Modus Operandi
Production and Distribution   Production
Publishing and Licensing
Management and Entrepreneurship   Survey of Business Administration
Introduction to Microeconomics
Sponsorships, Funding and Financing
Marketing, Sales and PR for Composers and Music-Artist Managers
Creative Leadership and Organization
Entrepreneurship Fundamentals for Music Professionals
Professionalism and Ethics
Music and Law   Fundamentals of Civil Law: Continental / Europe, Commonwealth / US
Entertainment and Contractual Law: Continental, Commonwealth
Intellectual Property (IP) Law: Continental, Commonwealth, China
Performance and Collecting Rights Societies: PRO's
Producing and Presenting Public Music Events
Labor Law Survey: Continental, Commonwealth
Introduction to International Taxation: Laws, Treaties
Music and Media   Introduction to Media Theory
Music and New Media
Music and Print
Music and Broadcasting
International Press Agencies
Music PR
Final Course Project   Scientific Research
Project Management and Presentation
Final Project

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