Patient Blood Management - Webinar

Information for interested parties

Dear Colleagues!

We are glad to invite you to our new webinar series in

„PBM: Focus on Volume Therapy”

Because of the special Covid-19 situation we decided to offer a weekly webinar.

We continue on 

October 8th, 2020

Dileep N Lobo MS, DM, FRCS, FACS, FRCPE:

Blood Management in Abdominal Surgeryand Enhanced Recovery


The essence of the webinar is to provide up-to-date education about olume therapy, monitoring, treatment options as well as clinical secrets in infusion therapy.

As always the academic faculty will consist of experts, who are well recognized in the scientific and medical world.

We hope that you will be interested in participating in this high quality international webinar.

Please fill in the online application form:

You will receive a conformation e-mail.

Please forward this webinar information to colleagues of you with interest in perioperative bleeding management.

We are looking forward to receiving your application for this special webinar series!

These webinars are also a part of our Master Program „Patient Blood Management“


08.10.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in Abdominal surgery & enhanced recovery D. Lobo  (requested)
15.10.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in PBM S. Kietaibl
22.10.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in Non-septic critical illness R. Stocker  (requested)
29.10.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in Sepsis G. Marx  (requested)
05.11.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in Coronavirusinfection D. Fries 
12.11.2020 Clinical secrets in infusion therapy in De-Resuscitation M. Malbrain
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