Online Seminar Series "Applied Game Studies"


Online Seminar Series - "Applied Game Studies"

In the online seminar series "Applied Game Studies", students acquire comprehensive skills in the areas of game design, game theory and transmedia storytelling. In individual practical projects, which are accompanied by mentors from the Center for Applied Game Studies, they further deepen their understanding of the module contents.

Courses and Learning Goals


Learning Goals


Playcentered Game Design

Students learn to apply concepts of game design for entertainment purposes.


Persuasive Game Design

Students learn to apply concepts of Serious Game Design.


Theory of Games

Students learn to critically question basic concepts of game theory in their socio-historical context and to evaluate their validity in current game studies discourse


Game Practice (Design & Development)

Students will deal in depth with the practice of game design and development. They will be able to critically reflect on the knowledge gained in this way and relate it to their own professional or research field.


Transmedia Storytelling

Students get to know the characteristics and challenges of transmedial projects and learn to develop concepts for their design and analysis.


Important dates

Deadline for registration: 30 July 2020 (to register, please fill out the form below)
Kickoff seminar: 20 August 2020
End of the seminar series: 16 November 2020

Seminar programme

During the seminar period, students will have access to an online course with learning materials and tasks as well as online lectures by various renowned speakers from the field of game studies. The lecturers and the dates for the lectures will be announced by the end of July. 

The live sessions are held between 4pm and 7pm (CEST / UTC+2).

In addition to the online lectures, students work on their own projects in connection with the seminar content. They are individually accompanied by mentors from the team of the Center for Applied Game Studies.

For each of the subjects listed above, students will receive a grade and a certificate of attendance for their performance / ECTS points.

Lecturers and mentors

Danube University Krems:

  • Alexander Pfeiffer
  • Nikolaus Koenig
  • Thomas Wernbacher
  • Natalie Denk
  • Simon Wimmer

Other lecturers:

  • Eugen Pfister
  • Geoffrey Long
  • TBA
  • Persons in university or non-university games or media research
  • Persons with a professional interest in the subject of games in their analog and digital forms
  • Persons working in the field of art and cultural mediation
  • Persons working in the games and media industry (conception, design, development, management etc.)
  • Persons working in the field of public communication (especially journalism, advertising and marketing, public relations)
  • People in the development or production of multimedia teaching and learning services
  • Persons with a scientific interest in the topic of game(s) and game culture (e.g. from the perspective of media and communication studies, philosophy, educational science, psychology, history, cultural studies, cultural anthropology, computer science or architecture)
12 Wochen
EUR 2.400
20. August 2020


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