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European Master in Stroke Medicine

Prof. Kennedy Lees über den "European Master in Stroke Medicine" Kurs

Prof. Jürg Kesselring über den "European Master in Stroke Medicine" Kurs

Feedback von (ehemaligen) Studierenden

“An excellent compilation of state-of-the-art lectures by top strokologists from all over Europe promises that this program will take you deep into Stroke Medicine and Research.”

George Ntaios, Greece
“Being part of this course is enriching both in clinical knowledge and personal experience. You get to meet participant from all over the world. I will highly recommend it, especially to junior Doctors."

Elizabeth Botsile, Ireland
“The best scientific and clinical stroke education in Europe.”

Anselm Angermaier, Greifswald, Germany
"The European Master in Stroke Medicine programme gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about stroke and gave me a 360 degree view of all that concerns stroke, from the acute treatment, the rehabilitation, the clinical and scientific aspects, to the socio economic development. It has been an important and instructive experience that gave me the chance to compare myself with other experts in the field of stroke and create a network for further common projects."

Andrea Rocco, Berlin, Germany
"This wonderful course helped me to deepen my understanding of cerebrovascular diseases. More importantly, the course allowed for expanding my personal worldwide network of stroke clinicians and scientists, which, I hope, will bring a lot of joy in the future."

Jukka Putaala, Helsinki, Finnland
"The international faculty ensures the evidence based knowledge of the standards and moreover encourages the dialog between the international participants in a scientific way."

Eva Holfeld, Vienna, Austria
"The course material manages to be wide in scope and high in detail, but still perfectly relevant to clinical practice and stroke research."

Mark Massyn, Eccles, UK
"For me being a student at the European Master in Stroke Medicine has been a life changing experience, academically speaking. Having the privilege to be with the leaders of opinion in cerebrovascular desases in Europe, knowing by first hand the new trends in different topics from experimental models to stroke units and having the opportunity to share with the most extraordinary people friendship, culture and knowlege. This has been and amaizing experience."

Nelson Novarro, Panama City, Panama
I am very happy having the oportunity to attend the course!
"Lectures are very well organised and it is great having all those famouse stroke experts right in front of me. It seems like Krems is the one town in europe with the most stroke experts on one place! Really many things can be learned during those lectures.
And by the way, it is nice meeting all those colleges from all over the world two times a year and showing them things like the "Heurigen"! ( :

Christoph Bocksrucker, Linz, Austria
"Coming from a newly industrialized country, the Philippines, I took the personal challenge to improve stroke advocacy, education and services in the underserved region of my country. I set out with the approach to think globally and act locally. The European Master served the most appropriate venue where, together with the excellent faculty and enthusiastic fellow students, I was able to think in global perspectives. Now, I am very confident to implement effective stroke programs locally in my country."

Arturo Surdilla, Philippines
"The Master program is conducted in a friendly atmosphere and is organized by an enthusiastic committee together with leading stroke experts in Europe. It is a great pleasure to participate and allows me to establish a stroke unit in my hospital."

Martin Liesch, Graubünden, Switzerland
"This program not only helped me to enhance my knowledge in the field of stroke, but also allowed me to learn evidence-based education by top experts
in this field and make new friends all over the world specially Europe"

Mohammad Sadaatnia, Isfahan, Iran
"There is most probably not other place, where one can meet with so many potential future collaborators in stroke research. On top of that, one has an opportunity to discuss face to face with top stroke experts."

Daniel Strbian, Helsinki, Finland
"Joining the European Stroke Master program in Krems was a prominent step in my career, I became more knowledgeable and confident in diagnosing and treating stroke patients, acquired new skills in Neuroradiology, and learned how to design a trial and how to scientifically criticize a paper.
Interactive sessions enhanced experience exchange with my classmates, many of whom have become close friends.
I had the chance to practice medicine in one of the best European stroke units and I made friends from all over the world.
And finally I was surrounded all the time by a caring faculty team who answered all my concerns and helped me through."

Joumana Janbieh, Alain, UAE
“The European Master in Stroke Medicine is a well designed and organized program for those trying to gain insight into the mysterious world of the stroke. This is the best way to become a clinician – scientist in the field. Division of the material into four semesters from the very basics up to the practical approaches of stroke management is very successful and gives one numerous ideas and hints for the research. Advanced lectures and thorough discussions of knowledgeable and experienced faculty members make the studies very efficient and practical. Moreover, there are opportunities for the personal communications with these internationally recognized and high ranked scientists throughout the Europe. I am from Armenia, currently working in Canada and to my knowledge this is the only Academic program in the Stroke field.
The picture is fulfilled with the great location of Danube University in the most beautiful countryside of Wachau Region along with Danube River, which will inspire to everyone to gain maximum from the studies.”

Hayrapet Kalashyan, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada