MARC WORTMANN has unexpectedly passed away on Monday August 15th2022 in Utrecht/The Netherlands. Marc was borne in Groningen /the Netherlands on April 4th in 1958. He studied law and became interested in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease in early 2000.

I met Marc for the first time in Prague- he was then new to the field of Alzheimer’s Disease and he was so enthusiastic and interested in all aspects of this phenomenon. Immediately he identified one of the biggest problems: the missing awareness for the disease within our societies around the globe.

With his strong mission, he moved on to become the Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International and he successfully moved the field forward.

In 2019, after he resigned from Alzheimer’s Disease International, Marc engaged in many new projects – and he also joined our initiative to building a bridge between Eastern- and Western European Countries in organizing a new format of annual meetings at the University of Continuing Education in Krems/Austria. With 3 successful meetings a lot has been achieved- and so much more was planned!

Marc was an always reliable and professionally acting personality- he always tried to include all perspectives, and nobody was excluded- the true recipe for success. He was able to inspire researchers, students and many more professionals relevant for the field of dementia. Fresh and innovative ideas were his specialty.

With Marc we lose a true role model! With his unique expertise and talent, he demonstrated how this field can be united in the combat of this terrible disease- how all different professions can work together in a truly multidisciplinary approach.

With Marc we lose a wonderful expert and a true friend!

Stefanie Auer for the Krems Dementia Conference Organizing Team:     

Margit Höfler     Ann-Christine Renn      Paul Pürcher    Daniela Oberbizer

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