Second Krems Dementia Conference

,,Dealing with Dementia: prevention, timely detection and awareness''
Coordinated efforts between East and West


16.11.2020 - 18.11.2020

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ddDear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the Second Krems Dementia Conference in 2020!  Last year we started our initiative which was a great success and we were encouraged to continue! This time the conference will start on Monday and we invite you to plan a stay in the wonderful area of the Wachau for a recreational weekend. This magical region was already used by the Romans to grow excellent wines and fruits.   The hospitable city of Krems with its interesting museums and medieval buildings is always a worthwhile journey! 

For our conference on the Danube University Campus we’re happy to bring together persons with dementia, representatives of Alzheimer Associations, great researchers and policy makers to work on meaningful preventive strategies, bringing timely diagnostic and counselling services to persons with dementia and their families and motivate society to support these families and encourage them to stay in touch with life. How can we motivate people to change their lifestyle to open up a healthier future? This important question will be one of the key questions of this conference.

We all need to stand together to find good sustainable and affordable solutions! Krems is situated perfectly on the rim between East and West and the Danube University offers a coordinating role for coordinating and facilitate common efforts in optimizing diagnostic services and awareness building tools between these two European regions. Already wonderful connections were made last year and the first affiliated conference will take place in Sarajevo in June 2020.  

Research communities are small in each country, but together they can make an impact and by providing data on prevalence and health economics as well as on evidence-based solutions they can give the input for better policies and improvement of the health systems.

Again, we hope to attract young researchers to come forward and present their ideas- they are very welcome!

Target Audience

Researchers, health care professionals, persons with dementia and families,policy makers, industry, health care providers


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"Die Veranstaltung wird mit größter Sorgfalt und unter Einhaltung der COVID-19-relevanten Sicherheitsbestimmungen durchgeführt. Kurzfristige organisatorische Änderungen sind demzufolge möglich."


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