Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative

The Krems Arts Education & Dementia Initiative (KAEDI) aims to encourage the exchange between universities, museums as well as institutions and associations for and by Persons with Dementia. Currently, almost 10 million people in Europe live with Dementia. This number will increase in the future and there is evidence that engagement in art and culture can improve the quality of life of Persons with Dementia and their support providers. The intention is to establish an inter- and transdisciplinary network within Austria that connects with the international research and practice community.

KAEDI brings together academic research with art museums in Austria that offer specific programs for Persons with Dementia and Persons at risk for Dementia. KAEDI provides a platform for exchange of experiences, networking, and mutual support. In particular, KAEDI aims to initiate accompanying studies, evaluations and empirical research on the benefits of already existing arts education programs as well as the inclusion of the study results for the development of future programs in museums, exhibitions, and related cultural institutions.


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