16.12.2021, 11:00 - 12:30

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Der zweite Termin der Interdisciplinary Migration Research Seminarreihe zum Thema "Past and Future of Migration from Afghanistan" findet am 16. Dezember 2021 statt.

Dr. Liza Schuster und Reza Hussaini von der City, University of London halten die Keynote "Performing Policy-Making: The development of Afghanistan's Comprehensive Migration Policy and the role of the EU".


Reza Hussaini is an Afghan researcher and currently a PhD candidate at City, University of London. He was research manager at the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University, and has worked with national and international organisations on research projects focused on human rights, peace-building and women’s rights. He collaborated with Dr Schuster on an examination of representations of migration in Afghan Oral Culture, a study of the Hopes, Plans and Fears of Afghan Families, and an exploration of the influence of the EU on the development of Afghan Migration Policy. His original PhD thesis was an attempt to use Participatory Action Research with the residents of IDP camps. Interrupted by his evacuation, he has now turned to working with recent evacuees to the UK, combining PAR and autoethnography.

Dr. Liza Schuster is a sociologist at City, University of London. She has spent most of the past decade conducting fieldwork in Afghanistan, where she was based at the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU). Dr Schuster has studied the consequences of deportation for Afghans, their families and communities. Her work in collaboration with Afghan colleagues includes the project described above by Reza. Dr Schuster prepares expert reports on Afghanistan for Immigration tribunals in the UK, and across Europe and contributes to debates on migration in several countries.


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