Dr. Wolf-Dieter Heiss

Donau-Universität Krems

Publikationen (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Bornstein, NM.; Guekht, A.; Vester, J.; Heiss, WD.; Gusev, E.; Hömberg, V.; Rahlfs, VW.; Bajenaru, O.; Popescu, BO.; Muresanu, D. (2018). Safety and efficacy of Cerebrolysin in early post-stroke recovery: a meta-analysis of nine randomized clinical trials. Neurol Sci, 39/4: 629-640

Heiss, WD (2018). Contribution of PET Imaging to Clinical Management of Gliomas. OBM Neurobiology, 2/3:1: 1-25

Heiss, WD. (2018). The Additional Value of PET in the Assessment of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease. J Nucl Med, 59(11):: 1660-1664

Lanzer, P.; Leigh, R.; Berry, C.; van de Hoef, T.; Heiss, WD.; et. al (2018). Salutary reperfusion is the ultimate target of STSegment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) and Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) interventions and should be routinely assessed in standard clinical and research protocols. Card Res Med, 1: 20-34

Reimer, J.; Montag, C.; Schuster, A.; Moeller-Hartmann, W.; Sobesky, J.; Heiss, WD.; et. al. (2018). Is Perfusion MRI without Deconvolution Reliable for Mismatch Detection in Acute Stroke? Validation with 15O-Positron Emission Tomography. Cerebrovasc. Dis., 46 (1-2): 16-23

Vester, JC.; Guekht, A.; Heiss, WD. (2018). Letter by Vester et al Regarding Article, “Hope Dies Last—Evidence Again Fails to Support a Neuroprotectant: Cerebrolysin for Acute Ischemic Stroke”. Stroke, 48(12): e365

Heiss, W.D. (2016). Hybrid PET/MR Imaging in Neurology: Present Applications and Prospects for the Future. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 57(7) doi: 10.2967/jnumed.116.175208. Epub: 993-5

Heiss, W.D. (2016). Malignant MCA Infarction: Pathophysiology and Imaging for Early Diagnosis and Management Decisions. Cerebrovascular Diseases, 41(1-2) doi: 10.1159/000441627: 1-7

Heiss, W.D.; Rosenberg, G.A.; Thiel, A.; Berlot, R.; de Reuck, J. (2016). Neuroimaging in vascular cognitive impairment: a state-of-the-art review. BMC Medicine, 3;14(1): 174

Heiss, WD.; Zaro Weber, O. (2016). Validation of MRI Determination on PET Measurements in Ischemic Stroke. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, pii: jnumed.116.185975. [Epub ahead of print]

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Vorträge (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Pathophysiological Changes in the Development of Post-Stroke Dementia

14th Hangzhou International Molecular Imaging Conference, Hangzhou, China, 26.10.2018

Methods to improve the therapeutic window for rTPAThrombolysis

14th Congress of the Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroprotection, Costa del Sol, Spain , 04.10.2018

Safety and Efficacy of Cerebrolysin in Early Post-Stroke Recovery: A Meta-Analysis of Nine Randomized Clinical Trials.

25th International Mondsee Medical Meeting, Salzburg, Österreich, 14.09.2018

Should Closure of PFO be the Standard of Care in Patients with ESUS?

The 12th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy), Poland, 22.03.2018

Brain Protection and Recovery after Stroke: Results of a Large Meta-Analysis

Joint Symposium of Romanian Society of Neurology and European Federation of Neurorehabilitation, Bucharest, Romania, 17.02.2018

The NORTHSTAR study: testing the booster effect of transcranial brain stimulation on speech & language therapy in post-stroke aphasia

University of Medicine and Pharmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Doctoral School, Cluj, 17.02.2018

Imaging for Prediction of Recovery and Outcome after Stroke.

University of Medicine and Pharmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Doctoral School, Cluj, 16.02.2018

Pathophysiology of Ischemic Stroke

University of Medicine and Pharmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Doctoral School, Cluj, 16.02.2018

Imaging in Early Ischemic Stroke

University of Medicine and Pharmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Doctoral School, Cluj, 16.02.2018

Malignant Infarction

University of Medicine and Pharmacie „Iuliu Hatieganu", Doctoral School, Cluj,, 16.02.2018

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