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Panel Discussion: Developing your Publication Strategy

Accolade 20/21 - Spring Schedule, Warwick University, 04.03.2021

Tackling the Infodemic - Democractic Challenges and Counter-actions on the European Level

The Fake News Fight (by 89connect), 15.12.2020

Home-Office & Telearbeit: Transformation in der Verwaltung? (Noella Edelmann, Judith Schossböck, Valerie Albrecht)

Govcamp Vienna 2020 (Der Mensch hinter dem Computer), 27.11.2020

Scholarly Research and Publications Over Time: Identifying Trends for an Open Access Journal by Applying Data-Mining Methods

The 15th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing 2020, 18.11.2020

Demokratie, Kunst und soziale Medien?

Gespräch mit Ruth Anderwald, Katrin Bucher Trantow, Leonhard Grond, Judith Schoßböck (parallel zur Ausstellung "Was ist Demokratie?", Kunsthaus Graz), 10.09.2019

Identity and Transformation in Regional Burning Man Communities: Contextualising the Chinese Case

Burning Man and Transformational Event Cultures (University of Fribourg), 29.11.2018

Ethical challenges of data science: from algorithm to practice

Ritsumeikan University, Japan (guest lecture/undergraduate course), 18.07.2018

Ethics of Algorithms and Governance

CeDEM Asia 2018, Japan, 13.07.2018

Digitally networked health advocacy

EPU-Workshop Technology Revolution: Public Administration and Participation (Guangzhou, China), 21.06.2018

„Digitale Avantgarde“ oder „Offliner“: Ansätze zu digitalen Kompetenzen und Nutzungstypen in neuen Medien

NGO Day des Fundraising Verbands Austria, 31.05.2016

Policy versus Reality in Open Access Publishing in Academia, Industry, and Beyond (Workshop)

Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government CeDEM16, May 18-20, Danube University Krems, Krems, Austria, 20.05.2016

"Each in Their Own Garden”. Obstacles for the Implementation of Open Government in the Public Sector of the German-speaking Region

ICEGOV2016, Montevideo (Uruguay), 02.03.2016

Aspekte der Inklusion aus Sicht der E-Partizipation. Gemeinsam mit Vinzenz Heussler

IRIS 2016, 19. Internationales Rechtsinformatik-Symposium, 25.02.2016

Online-Aktivismus und E-Partizipation (Workshop)

youthIGF-Event: Die Zukunft des Internets, 16.09.2015

Digitale Kompetenzen und Arbeitsplätze (Impulsgeberin)

Going Local 2015. Digitaler Binnenmarkt., 26.06.2015

Perspectives on Electronic Identity Application in Online Engagement

CeDEM15: Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2015, 21.05.2015

Online 4 Democracy (Podiumsgespräch)

Stadtdialog, Afro-Amerikanisches Institut Salzburg, 17.06.2014

E-Participation for young people in Europe: Lessons learned on a cross-national level.

CeDEM14: Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014, 22.05.2014

Nothing to Hide and to Lose? Beeing Free on the Internet - Freedom and Ethics in Digital Societies

CeDEM 2014 - Conference for E-Democracy and Open Goverment, 20.05.2014

E-Participation (Keynote together with Dr. Jakob Svensson)

ICT4Democracy Summer School, New Delhi, India, 12.03.2014

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