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The Future of Urban Waste Management: Integrated modelling in view of circular economy and environmental impacts

Projektzeitraum: 01.07.2021–30.06.2024
Projektverantwortung (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems): Barbara Hartl
Fördergeber: sonstige öffentlich-rechtliche Einrichtungen (Körperschaften, Stiftungen, Fonds)

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Publikationen (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

Hartl, B.; Kamleitner, B.; Holub, S. (2020). Take me on a ride: The role of environmentalist identity for carpooling. Psychology & Marketing, xx:

Marth, S.; Sabitzer, T.; Hofmann, E.; Hartl, B.; Penz, E. (2020). The Influence of Regulation on Trust and Risk Preference in Sharing Communities. Frontiers in Psychology, 11: 1-13

Gangl, K.; Hartl, B.; Hofmann, E.; Kirchler, E. (2019). The Relationship between Austrian Tax Auditors and Self-Employed Taxpayers: Evidence from a Qualitative Study. Frontiers in Psychology, in press: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01034

Hartl, B.; Penz, E.; Schüßler, E.; Hofmann, E. (2019). Shared mobility business models: Trust building in the sharing economy. In: D. Wruk, A. Oberg, I. Maurer, Perspectives on the Sharing Economy: 82-89, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne

Hofmann, E.; Hartl, B.; Sabitzer, T.; Marth, S.; Penz, E.; Hoelzl, E. (2019). Regulating consumers’ contributions and usage of a shared good: An experimental approach. In: D. Wruk, A. Oberg, I. Maurer, Perspectives on the Sharing Economy: 48-55, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne

Vorträge (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

„Wir als Menschheit, wir müllen halt unseren eigenen Planeten zu“ Die Konsument*innenperspektive auf Abfalltrennung im öffentlichen Raum

Symposium “Konsum Neu Denken“, 22.09.2022

A comprehensive investigation examining the facilitating and hindering factors of waste separation in the public and semi-public space

IAREP Conference, 08.06.2022

Sharing economy, platform economy, access-based consumption – what is new, if anything?

M&I Research Talk, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, 17.12.2019

Social representations of the sharing economy - An analysis of representative surveys of German and British consumers

IAREP-SABE Conference, Dublin, Irland, 02.09.2019

Are AirBnB and Uber perceived as part of the sharing economy? An analysis of a representative survey of German consumers

6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy, Utrecht, Netherlands, 27.06.2019

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