Ali Ahmad Safi

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Safi, A.A. (2019). Afghan refugees return 'home' to migrate again. In: Czaika M.; Rössl L.; Pfeffer T.; Altenburg F., Migration & Integration 8: Dialog zwischen Politik, Wissenschaft und Praxis: 223-232, Edition Donau Universität Krems, Krems

Vorträge (Auszug Forschungs­datenbank)

International PhD School on Migration and Socioecological Change

University of Utrecht, 27.09.2021

Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era

iDiaspora and Routed Magazine, 22.09.2021

Deportation, its contestations and its aftermat

Oxford Migration and Mobility Network, 14.06.2021

Transnational engagement of Afghan diaspora organizations: Drivers of diasporic specialization

Messaging Migration and Mobility: 2021 IMISCOE Spring Conference, 22.03.2021

Transnational engagement of Afghan diaspora organizations

Migration research in Austria – current trends and challenges, 10.12.2020

Lessons from practical interventions II: TVET in fragile contexts – potential and limitations

Understanding the migration – vocational education nexus. Constraints and potentials; Wien, Österreich, 21.01.2020

A guide to Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe

The Role of the Afghan Diaspora in Europe, Networking Conference; Don Bosco Haus, St. Veit Gasse 25, Wien, Österreich, 03.12.2019

Afghan refugees return 'home' to migrate again

Dialog Forum, Krems, Österreich, 28.08.2019

World Café on Return Migration

Dialog Forum, Krems, 28.08.2019

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