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Center for Contemporary Music sets to work
The Center for Contemporary Music in Danube University Krems set to work on 1 March 2004. It focuses on selected aspects of the overall spectrum of contemporary music. The goal is to make it a competence center for modern music and cross-border art forms. The Center will cooperate very closely with the Ernst Krenek Institute which recently shifted to the Danube University Krems.
The first public event in the center will be held from 29 to 31 July in cooperation with the music festival “Glatt & Verkehrt”. The name of this interdisciplinary symposium is “Im Zwischenreich – Musik und Trance” (In the intermediate sphere – music and trance). Musicologists, ethnologists, psychotherapists, medical specialists and communication scientists as well as musicians, dancers and film-makers will focus on various aspects of music and states of altered consciousness in the inter-cultural context. An international conference on the future of music production is scheduled for January 2005. Among other aspects this event will focus on the impact of a globalized music market on contemporary and popular music. In the postgraduate teaching sector the center will start a master’s degree course on "Music Management" in the winter semester 2005.

Head of the center ist Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gensch. He studied music and composition in Nuremberg, journalism and communication science at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and obtained his doctorate at the institute of empirical communication science. For several years he served as a university lecturer and senior lecturer for the cultural organization of the United Nations (UNESCO) in Africa. Prof. Gensch is member of the board of the Ernst Krenek Institute Private Foundation.