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Music, Market and Power
International Conference 17/18th March 2005
The possibility of a worldwide free trading of music via the Internet has encouraged new developments with as much an effect on people who make music as on the music industry itself, and which bring about serious changes. At this conference, new forms of communication between those who make and those who produce music will be presented and current musical and artistic forms of presentation and dissemination will be held up for discussion.
Given the tense situation on the music market and the many new challenges, the music industry, now more than ever before, must find satisfactory new strategies for the future. As music is not just an economic asset, artistic aspects must also be taken into consideration. The media companies, especially the so-called independents with their dual aim of dissemination and economic viability, are caught in a conflict between artistic and commercial interests and are also called upon to make an important contribution to cultural life. In this regard, the exchange value and the utility value of music as a commodity will have to be discussed as much as the marketability of music and music products and their status as merit goods.

The conference is being jointly organised by the Centre for Contemporary Music of the Danube University Krems and the International Institute for Management/Department of Media Management at the University of Flensburg. One of its aims is to sound out options that will allow vendors – majors as well as independents – to continue taking into account artistic and aesthetic aspects when making production-related decisions while ensuring their economic survival.

The conference will include presentations on new forms of communication between music makers and music producers as well as discussions on current musical and artistic forms of presentation and distribution on the Internet, which both composers and interpreters use in their quest for more independence from a market that is dominated by the music industry.
Detailed conference programme
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