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Events in 2005
A Sound Map of the Danube, Baltic Music and a Symposium on African Music
In 2005 the Center for Contemporary Music will be offering a range of concerts, performances and symposia – including the world premiere of a new sound installation by the New York artist Annea Lockwood.


"ALTE MEISTER" (OLD MASTERS): In cooperation with "That's Jazz" the Center will be presenting a concert on 12 March at the Salzstadl in Krems, featuring the Austrian avant-garde jazz musicians Franz Koglmann, Oskar Aichinger and Wolfgang Reisinger.

On 30 April 2005 the world premiere of ANNEA LOCKWOOD’S sound installation "A Sound Map of the Danube" will be taking place in the presence of the artist. The event will be organised in cooperation with campus cultur and the Danube Festival.

“BALTIC MUSIC“ is the title of a concert of contemporary Latvian music played by young musicians from the Baltic republic. The concert is taking place on 9 June in the main hall (Festsaal) of the Danube University Krems and is presented in cooperation with musik aktuell.


As part of the international conference "Musik, Markt und Macht” (Music, Market and Power) which is being presented jointly on 17/18 March with the International Institute for Management at the University of Flensburg, an attempt will be made to identify options which will make it possible for providers – both majors and independents – to take artistic-aesthetic aspects into consideration in their production decisions in future, while at the same time safeguarding their economic survival.

For the sixth time there will be a symposium as part of the “Glatt&Verkehrt“ traditional folk music festival (29 - 30 July). The subject for 2005 is "Zambezi River Music. An encounter with the music of southern Africa".

On 3/4 November the Center and the Ernst-Krenek-Institute-Privatefoundation will be holding a symposium entitled "Learning art. Providing access to musical pedagogic masterpieces of the twentieth-century". In cooperation with "Musikschulmanagement Niederösterreich".
Details of the events
Annea Lockwood
Photo: Ruth Anderson
Annea Lockwood