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Eva Maria Stöckler at the Krenek Symposium Linz
Krenek Symposium Linz, April 19-22, 2007
Eva Maria Stöckler, Ph.D., a scientific employee and coordinator of studies at the Center for Contemporary Music, was one of the speakers at the Krenek Symposium in Linz, in April.
Stoeckler Eva Maria
Eva Maria Stöckler

Stöckler, whose study on the Kafka-Reception by Ernst Krenek was published in 2006, spoke about the choir and religious work – which, to date, has not received much attention - of the composer, who died in 1991. Amongst others, highly acclaimed Krenek researchers like Univ.-Prof. Claudia Maurer Zenck, Ph.D. (Hamburg) and Univ.-Prof. Matthias Henke, Ph.D. (Kassel) participated in the conference under the motto of “Ernst Krenek, a musician of langauge“ at the Anton Bruckner University, from April 19 - 22. The results of the conference will be published by the Private Ernst-Krenek-Institute Foundation (Krems).