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Professor Klaus Zeyringer visits the Department
The literary scientist from Angers (France) visits Krems
The literary scientist Univ.-Prof. Klaus Zeyringer, Ph.D. from the Université Catholique de l´Ouest in Angers (France) visited the Department for Arts and Management. He attended meetings with Prof. Gerhard Gensch, Ph.D. and Christine Grond, Ph.D. and they spoke about projected continuing education programs in the areas of literary management and literary facilitating.
Prof. Klaus Zeyringer
Prof. Klaus Zeyringer

Amongst other things, the literary specialist, who was born in Graz, is the Austrian curator for the EU project “Literature in the Internet“ Liffey, a judge for the ORF listing of best works, and an acclaimed literary critic for various professional and public media.

In addition to the current centers for film and music, the Department for Arts and Management will establish the subject of literature in 2008.