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The mobile phone is not yet established as a Music Player
1st Austrian Mobile Music Day took place on the 7th of February
Even if, according to the Federation of Austrian Music Industry, the Austrian download market grew in 2007 by 50 percent in relation to the previous year, music lovers show a lot of restraint when it comes to downloads to mobile phones. This was reflected in the initial evaluation of the “1st Austrian Mobile Music Day” which took place on the 7th of February 2008 at Danube University Krems.
Hoffmann, Renner, Schaefberger

The Viennese market researcher Michael Schaefberger substantiated the acceptance problem with the results of a study carried out in 2007: 40 percent of mobile phone owners between the ages of eleven and 49 own a mobile phone that can play music files and approximately two thirds of this group have already used this function. But the majority of the music on mobile phones is still copied to the handset from other sources. According to Schaefberger, in 2007 only just under 100,000 songs (full track downloads) were downloaded monthly in Austria by mobile network operators' customers to their mobile phones.

In his paper Tim Renner (Berlin), manager of Universal Germany until 2004, looked among other things into the price structure for Mobile Music. He demanded a “fair price”, because only then would downloading to a mobile phone become attractive for the consumer. “The music lover must not have to think a long time about price before making
a spontaneous purchase, but must be able to get his/her song with one click”, says Renner.

Stilke, Leonhard

Music futurist Gerd Leonhard (Basel) pleaded for a lump sum charge for digital content. He rejected the concept of offering music downloads at fixed prices and demanded instead in the future only to sell access to music - then, however, without restrictions.

For the opening of the symposium, which was organized by the Centre for Contemporary Music, Dagmar Hoffmann (Art College Berlin) spoke about Mobile Music in the context of lifestyle and youth culture. Fabian Stilke, manager of the Digital Division of Universal Music Austria and Hannes Harborth, CEO Digitalsunray Media Vienna, presented success factors and practical experience in the Mobile Music segment, Frauke Behrendt (University of Sussex) reported on experimental musical interactions with social networks in urban areas.

Gerhard Gensch, head of the Center for Contemporary Music, asserted at the opening of the symposium that the academic discussion on the topic of Mobile Music in Austria is just beginning. Danube University Krems' Department for Arts and Management will therefore continue the interdisciplinary “Mobile Music” project begun in 2007. The symposium is also not to be a one-day wonder: The 2nd Austrian Mobile Music Day 2009 is dedicated to the topic of “Music video”.

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