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Arts and Management News via RSS Feed
News from the Department of Arts and Management is available as RSS feeds
You can now subscribe to selected Danube University Krems news as a RSS feed. Newly published information from the Department for Arts and Management, current productions and events via RSS automatically downloaded to your PC, mobile telephone or PDA.
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an electronic message format that permits users to subscribe to the content of a website - or parts thereof, such as Arts and Management News - and be automatically updated at a time interval of your choice. Reading the RSS feeds you subscribe to is supported by existing applications such as email programs, web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox) and screensavers. Feed readers make it possible to automatically download summary information and let you organize the display of the collected articles.

The advantage for the user of RSS is being able to receive information automatically. You no longer have to separately call-up Web-sites that interest you in order to keep yourself up to date, but instead you can centrally call up, sort and archive all reports and news that interest you.
Read or subscribe to the Arts and Management RSS feed