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Music production - Work Experience Day in the Music Management study program
Music Management study program students in the recording studio
Prospective music managers spent one day in the Sunshine Music Viennese recording studio on 10 April 2008. Result of a productive day: the recording of a self-composed song.
Studio Wien 024
Photo: J.v.Anhalt

Georg Tomandl, lecturer at the Center for Contemporary Music and founder / operator of the “Sunshine Music” production company, invited Music Management 02 study program students to his studio to collect practical experience. There the students could experience how a music production is created, from recording to the mastered tape.
“Above all our students showed their creative potential. What with the recording of a song composed by the students, starting from getting into voice and going on to recording and mixing, the day was very successful” said Dr. Eva Maria Stoeckler, study coordinator.