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Tyrol is the best known and most popular film location in the Alps
Study confirms successful performance of the Cine Tirol Film Commission.
A recent study of awareness and satisfaction by Spectra Market Research commissioned by Tirol Werbung gives the film location Tyrol excellent marks: the surveyed national and international film producers consider Tyrol to be the most attractive shooting location by far in the alpine region. Furthermore, the Cine Tirol Film Commission is „top of mind“ in terms of first naming, with a very high profile (spontaneous and supported) as well as extremely positive overall satisfaction.
Photo: Cine Tirol
J. Köck and R. Dornhelm

„It is a wonderful birthday present!“ Cine Tirol director Johannes Köck and his team rejoiced shortly before the 14th birthday of the Cine Tirol Film Commission on April 1st. „Following all the praise and considerate appreciation by national and international filmmakers in the past years, it is good that Tyrol’s position as leading film location of the Alps has also been confirmed by a study. That the renown of the Cine Tirol Film Commission and our services and support system is so clearly appreciated is of course especially gratifying!“

Johannes Köck, graduate of the master’s program TV & Film-Production, intensely examined the strategic goals of Cine Tirol in his master’s thesis: „Tyrol – the location in the heart of the Alps. From coincidence to management of the filmland Tyrol 1896-2006.“ A special emphasis of his master’s thesis is dedicated to the importance of the regional film fund Cine Tirol, which arranges comprehensive communication and marketing measures for the successful promotion of Tyrol as a location for international film productions, and creates film-funding incentives. He ascertains the positive effects of the efforts to sign international film productions for the province and the region in terms of economics and public relations. Thus Cine Tirol makes a significant contribution to location marketing in the area of film.