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Listening to Music with all the Senses
Eva Maria Stöckler at the Summer Academy of the Austrian Folksong Confederation
Eva Maria Stöckler, head of the Center for Contemporary Music, was invited to hold a lecture on August 24th at the summer academy „Folklore as Dialogue“ on music cognizance as dialogue with the body. She thereby continued her reflection on the dynamics between art music and folk music that she had previously addressed at the Kremser Conversations and in a panel discussion in May 2012 in the House of Regions in Krems.
Eva Stockler Volksliedwerk 2012
Eva Maria Stöckler

In the summer academy, held from August 22-25, 2012 in Weyregg on the theme of relations to the body, not only questions of food, drink, clothing, singing, dancing, etc were discussed, but also how the rapidly changing worlds we live in and continually new body images apply to the changing perception of folklore. The program included lectures and workshops by Konrad Köstlin, academic director of the Austrian Folksong Confederation, Eva Kreissl, curator for day-to-day culture at the Universal Museum Joanneum and the textile historian Angela Völker, among others.

Österreichisches Volksliedwerk