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Music leaves Fingerprints
ZZM @ Waves Music Conference
Streaming is in demand, Spotify and iTunes are very popular; which possibilities does digital distribution of music offer and what will future business models look like? Eva Maria Stöckler, head of the Center for Contemporary Music at the Danube University Krems, discussed these topics with Robert Klembas, an expert on the digital music business, at the Waves Music Conference on October 4th, 2012.
Audio fingerprints, digital codes for identifying a sound or sound recording, are an important contribution to the new distribution channels for the music industry, said Robert Klembas, general manager of the company REBEAT Digital GmbH and graduate of the master’s program Music Management, at the Waves Music Conference on October 4th in Vienna’s Hotel Stefanie. The solution to the problem of monetizing music could be reached with an advertising-financed business model: for example Google-owned YouTube is an important platform for promoting songs and generating the necessary awareness for them. Rebeat offers a music distribution software which allows right holders to deliver their products to download and streaming platforms worldwide.

Waves Music Conference

Photo Gallery: ZZM @ Waves Music Conference, Hotel Stefanie