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More New Music for Lower Austria
Danube University Krems Hosts Cultural Talks and Days of New Music
Under the slogan „neue musi“ the Days of New Music in Lower Austria were held at the Danube University Krems from October 19-21. The extensive program included an opening concert by the Nouvelle Cuisine Bigband and the traditional costume ensemble Rossatz under the direction of Christoph Cech and Christian Mühlbacher, an audio experience course through The Contemporary Archive, as well as a concert by the newly founded Max Brand Ensemble in the Klangraum Minoritenkirche.

Central to the Days of New Music was the Cultural Talk of Lower Austria’s Culture Senate, that was opened by Johann Heuras, 2nd President of the Lower Austrian state parliament in the stead of Governor Erwin Pröll. He pointed out the central role that art and the promotion of culture play for the province of Lower Austria. In the context of the arts, this includes liberality and tolerance. The chairman of Lower Austria’s Culture Senate, Fritz Steininger, emphasized that with the Cultural Talks, the Culture Senate wants to make a pointed contribution to the discussion of important cultural themes.

The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Art and Architecture at the Danube University Krems, Renate Hammer, declared that it is charactersitic of the Danube Univeristy Krems to be open to the new. Its commitment to contemporary music is part of this tradition. In her opening statement to the event, the head of the Center for Contemporary Music, Eva Maria Stöckler, said that new music is no longer a niche program for a few insiders, but an invitation to open one’s ears and allow for surprises. The composer Bernd Deutsch valued new music as an art form that counters the corruptibility of the „passive people in consumer culture“. Although it is the most energetic and emotional art form, it has the hardest time, said Deutsch. For the composer Karlheinz Essl, new music is a release from superficialities and „banal methods of emotionalization.“ It appeals to the sense of hearing and offers varied aural reconnaissances.


Tage D Neuen Musik Kulturgespr _chPanelists

from left: Karlheinz Essl, Bernd Richard Deutsch, Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo, Johann Heuras, Renate Hammer, Oskar Aichinger, Eva Maria Stöckler, Michaela Hahn, Christoph Cech

Photo: AMI Promarketing/Elia Zilberberg


In the panel discussion at the Cultural Talks, moderated by Eva Maria Stöckler,
the composer, jazz musician and university professor Christoph Cech stressed the need for new music to increase its openness to new tendencies and musical trends, such as sound art or jazz. The managing director of Music School Management for Lower Austria, Michaela Hahn, pointed out the role and activities of music schools in introducing children and youths to new music. Susanne Kirchmayr, aka Electric Indigo, regretted the shortage of adequate spaces for new music. She called for improved interfacing between underground club culture and established academic music. All panelists were in agreement that the label „new music“ was not entirely unproblematic because historically laden. And: more can be done for new music in Lower Austria as well.


The foundation of the Max Brand Ensemble under the artistic direction of Christoph Cech and Richard Graf is a concrete step in this direction. At the founding concert in the Minoriten Church, compositions and premieres by Friedrich Cerha, Bernd Richard Deutsch, Michael Mantler, Sonja Huber and Johannes Kretz were heard. The eponym, Max Brand (1896-1980) was a lifelong seeker and innovative composer and musician who developed, among other things, one of the first synthesizers, aka Moogtonium. The pioneer passed away, completely forgotten, in Langenzersdorf, Lower Austria.


Tage D Neuen Musik PreisverleihungAward Ceremony for the Composition Competition

from left: Musician Viola Falb, Christoph Cech, awardee Robert Brunnlechner, Richard Graf, Gottfried Zawichowski (Musikfabrik NÖ), Vice Governor Wolfgang Sobotka, Adolf Obendrauf (Director of Military Music Lower Austria), Hans Peter Manser

Photo: AMI Promarketing/Elia Zilberberg




The closing event in the AudiMax of the university was met with great interest. Vice Governor Wolfgang Sobotka also attended the award ceremony for the brassband composition competition. The jury prize, as well as the audience award, went to the composer Robert Brunnlechner for his work „Confessions of a Buren-Sausage“, played by the musical society Musikverein Staatz under the direction of Hans Peter Manser.


The Days of New Music in Lower Austria were organized by the League of Lower Austrian Composers (INÖK) in cooperation with the Center for Contemporary Music at Danube University Krems, The Music Factory Lower Austria, the Culture Senate for Lower Austria, The Contemporary Archive, the Lower Austrian Brassband Society, the Austrian Composers Association and the Music School Krems.


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