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Where ist the echo?
New chances for contemporary music in the media
Within the framework of the Impuls Festival Graz, Eva Maria Stöckler moderated a discussion on February 14th, 2013 between international journalists from print and radio on the presence of contemporary music in media under the motto "Where is the echo?"

Impuls Graz Febr 2013

Based on Ernst Krenek's conviction that music journalists are among the most important conveyors of contemporary music and by association should be sufficiently knowledgeable, Reinhard Kager, long-term director of the jazz department at SWR2, addressed the prerequisite qualifications for music journalists.

Michael Rebhahn, music publicist and creator of numerous reports for Hessian radio broadcasting, as well as the television broadcaster 3sat, confirmed that radio is still one of the most important mediums for contemporary music. The particular challenge, however, is addressing diverse target audiences like music educators and composers, but also event organizers and cultural policy makers.

Accordingly, the business activity of music magazines and publishers has changed. Today, says Andreas Kolb, editor-in-chief of Neue Musikzeitung, these are media businesses who not only write about music, but are themselves present as music producers, event organizers and service companies.

In the ensuing discussion it became clear that to some extent musicians and composers of contemporary music are not entirely aware of the possibilities of digital distribution of music and what Web 2.0 can offer.