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Soundtrack - big business?
Music Business Lounge with Miguel Kertsman, Gerrit Pohl and Victor Gangl
The question of how professional musicians can succesfully position themselves in film business was the focus of the Music Business Lounge of the Center for Contemporary Music on April 24th in Vienna's Piano Gallery (Klaviergalerie).


After an introduction at the Music Business Lounge of the Danube University Krems by Eva Maria Stöckler, head of the Center for Contemporary Music, a discussion between the composers and producers Miguel Kertsman and Victor Gangl, moderated by Gerrit Pohl of the Digital Center Gruner+Jahr in Germany followed. Tuesday Microgrooves took care of the musical accompaniment.


In his keynote, Miguel Kertsman, composer, producer, arranger and lecturer for the master's program Music Management, identified versatility and a knowledge of how the film industry works as the most important ingredients for success as a composer of film music.

Gerrit Pohl, deputy executive director of the Digital Center of Gruner+Jahr AG & Co KG in Hamburg, was of the opinion that the income of film musicians lies primarily in the valorization of rights, and of all things that area, ie. licensing, causes the greatest problems.

Victor Gangl is a graduate of the master's program Music Management at the Danube University Krems, producer and composer. Already his first production led to a major label record contract, he wrote film music for American, Australian, German and Swiss shorts and image films, and composed a series of advertising jingles.


Also Wolfgang Radl, musician from Graz, founder and bass player of the ensemble "Tuesday Microgrooves" and award recipient of the Vienna Film Score Competition 2010 confirmed: there is no magic formula for success, competition has increased greatly. The questioning of "big business" by Eva Maria Stöckler, head of the Center for Contemporary Music, is therefore absolutely legitimate.



Tuesday Microgrooves
Eva Maria Stöckler
Gerrit Pohl
Miguel Kertsman
Pohl, Kertsman, Gangl