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Girl's day at the Center for Contemporary Music
Students inform themselves about career possibilities in the music sector
Girls Day April 2013
Girls' Day: E. Stöckler, N. Bammer

27 high school students in grades 9-11 at the Gynmasium St Pölten, Josefstraße took advantage of the Girls' Day 2013 to visit the Danube University Krems. Research and administrative staff described career possibilities at universities and allowed the girls to peek over their shoulders while they worked.

At the Center for Contemporary Music, Eva Maria Stöckler and Nora Bammer informed the students about career possibilities in the music sector. What does a music manager do? Who is responsible for the success of a popstar? When is free downloading from the internet forbidden? When isn't it?

As a special highlight the students were able to attend a lecture fom the master's program Music Management on the topic of "Music and Internet."

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