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„I am what I write“ Music journalists look for new ways
On March 12th the Viennese Klaviergalerie hosted the Music Business Lounge on the topic “Music journalism from Soundcloud to Twitter”, conceived by Nora Bammer de Rodriguez. Music: Denise Schrenzer Quartett.


„In the late 90ies music journalism died”, London music journalist, Hanspeter Künzler is convinced. Why? As so often, it fails on the money: It is becoming increasingly difficult for freelance music journalists to make money. Their online blogs a frequently read, however, do not bring the journalists any income. Künzler states, “A new path for the internet age has not yet been found.”

A&R Manager Peter Cadera hosted the discussion following the Music Business Lounge with Susi Ondrušová, head of music journalism at FM4, and Jonas Vogt, chief editor at Noisey. Cadera brought up the question whether music journalism has lost control over music taste. Ondrušová believes that emotionality is still very important on the radio and, furthermore, reckons that established music journalists still enjoy great recognition among listeners. On the internet, however, according to Jonas Vogt, readers have no further use for music journalist or their recommendations since music fans have a vast number of possibilities. Forums with curated content can easily be found on the internet. Although, the authors tend to have become more important that their medium leading to the majority of mediums adopting the concept of the blog as “one-person media business”.

Every genre in music journalism has changed through the internet. Everybody is a journalist, though very often with unreflected outcome, leading to the loss of the exclusiveness of music journalisms. As a reader, Cadera misses the objective representation and encouragement for discourse by the journalists.
On the internet the music fans are the ones who decide on quality norms, on the other hand, editors use social media channels for assessment purposes regarding present music preferences in order to implement them into the radio programme. Susi Ondrušová believes that promotion of concerts on internet forums can already work and be effective even when the album has not yet been produced.
The crisis of the print media is more likely a crisis of the publishers, according to Jonas Vogt. Since the “model of print ad” has expired new business models, which include alternative offers such as concerts or booking, must be developed. Jonas Vogt expresses, “Artists do not need our cover stories anymore, as meanwhile Soundcloud and Twitter stand before print media in a business plan.



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Foto: Ondrušová, Vogt, Cadera, Kuenzler (from left)