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Jazz/Crossover-Project "tuesday microgrooves" in Taiwan
Alumni.Portrait Wolfgang Radl
Double bass player and music-management graduate Wolfgang Radl reports on his most recent successes in Taiwan: His LP “All the things” made it to the top ten of the Taiwanese jazz-charts!

Wolfgang Radl2

At the invitation of the Taiwanese recorder virtuoso Meng-Heng Chen, double bass player Wolfgang Radl, graduate of the master study program of music-management (6th year), went on a wide spread tour through Taiwan in April, presenting his jazz/crossover-project “Tuesday Microgrooves”. The program contained the bands’ own compositions as well as arrangements by baroque composers, Vivaldi, Telemann and Purcell, put in a contemporary setting.
Additionally to the concerts in the capital Taipei, Tainan and other cities, the Danube-University graduate was also hired for a series of workshops with jazz students, in which he spoke about arrangement in the area of jazz, classic and crossover and, furthermore, prepared pieces of music by his own band together with the young musicians. The meeting of two diverse cultures provided a great interchange during the cooperation, so that the “Tuesday Microgrooves” were greatly impressed especially by the Taiwanese hospitality and great respect.
The outcome of the tour was highly successful: the “All the things” LP produced exclusively for Taiwan reached the top ten Taiwanese jazz charts, the workshops were overbooked and the concerts were followed by an ever growing number of fans. The emotional highlight of the tour was the performance of the, in Taiwan, extremely popular piece “spring wind”, which was played and sung along by the audience. Wolfgang Radl: “This form of enthusiasm for Austrian artists one also wishes for from the big domestic radio stations!” 

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