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We are now one: Music for Film & Media merges with Music Management
Krems (kpr). Management and innovation are built into the very fabric of the film and media business. In recognition of this increasing demand, Danube University Krems (AT) will start a postgraduate course program for “Music for Film & Media” in October 2015. The modular program merges with courses, topics and networks of the new international “Music Management“ Master’s programme and will be open for international students from disciplines of film, media and music.

The film and media industry continues to change and evolve at an increasingly fast pace: “A globalised, technology driven world not only opens doors to new challenges, artistic and business driven expectations, but also to new creative possibilities and careers for composers, musicians or other creative professionals in the film and media industry. It is time that postgraduate programs reflect this reality.” says Miguel Kertsman, course director of the “Music for Film & Media” Master’s program at Danube University Krems (AT). In response to this development, several courses, topics and networks of the program have been merged with those from the novel “Music Management“ Master’s course.

The newly redesigned “Music for Film & Media” program will follow a modular platform, allowing students to continuously remain up-to-date and ahead of the curve: “The paradigms in the film and media business today are quite different from those of the ‘legacy’ industry just a few years ago.”, says Kertsman, “Thus our graduate program reacts. Our joint modular structure takes students wherever they need to go in the disciplines of film and media, enabling them to manage their careers, as well as to interact with professionals of music, film and media or related industries.” Participants of the program will stay up to date on all key aspects pertaining to one's career, including developing business models, technological milestones, aesthetics, and how society relates to and consumes music nowadays.

About the Master’s Program “Music for Film & Media”

"Music for Film & Media" provides participants with three fundamental cornerstones for a successful career in media music: Theory, aesthetics and creativity; Technology and hands-on applications; Business and Management including disciplines in entertainment law, project management, self management, and leadership. The program features strategic international relationships with top industry professionals, superlative faculty, and collaborations with other institutions (e.g. University of Miami, USA; Bucks New University, UK). Faculty highlights include former Warner Brothers worldwide deputy chief legal counsel Judith Merians, mega video game "Halo" composer Michael Salvatori, Berklee College of Music VP of Academic Affairs Jay Kennedy among many others. Course director Miguel Kertsman is an international composer, record producer, and music technology consultant, having also served in the industry as label executive and audio engineer.

Austria – Innovative Teaching & Cultural Hotspot

Danube University Krems (Austria) is one of the leading providers of further education courses in Europe. The university offers exclusive Master's programs and short certificate programs in five areas of study, serving more than 8,500 students and with 17,000 graduates from 90 countries. The university’s Center for Contemporary Music is specifically oriented towards the needs of working professionals in the music and entertainment industry. It has the longest tradition within Europe in offering postgraduate MA programs for “Music Management” and for “Music for Film & Media”. Danube University Krems is located close to cultural hotspots such as Vienna (80km), Salzburg (250km) or Prague (250km). The university is equipped with modern on-campus teaching and learning facilities, research rooms, library, auditorium, cinema, sports facilities, and fosters close relationships with both domestic and international music culture, venues, festivals and industries. Further information about Danube University Krems can be found at www.donau-uni.ac.at.


Information about the Master's Programme




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