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„Go forward and make it happen!“
International Film Music Symposium Vienna 2015
Our Center for Contemporary Music was present at the International Film Music Symposium in Vienna on October 13, 2015 where internationally renowned film music composers, producers, agents and PR specialists talked about their exciting careers and film music business world. We have selected a few bits and pieces for you to read!



 Oscar and Grammy winner James Newton Howard (composer of i.a. »Pretty Woman«, »The Dark Knight«, »The Sixth Sense« and »The Hunger Games«): The first of what I think is the theme. So turn of the movie, think about it and write a song!“




Composer Richard Bellis (Stephen Kings »IT«, head of the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshops LA) about the importance of interpersonal relationships in film business:„If a director is not able to judge the music he can just judge you as a person!"




Film music PR specialist Chandler Poling presenting „10 Things You Should Know About Music PR“: „One of the most important things is to know yourself. Find out what you can do best!“




Recommendation of the owner of the largest agency for film composers in LA, Sam Schwartz: „Attend master classes, try to work with successful composers, get involved with their projects, … go forward and make it happen!“




Chandler Poling 1   Howard   Diskussion Twonson Schwartz

Chandler Poling                                                    James Newton Howard                                 Robert Townson and Sam Schwartz



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