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Leading sound branding expert John Groves is back in Krems
lecture for Music Management students in September 2018
Leading sound branding expert John Groves, Groves Media Hamburg, holds lecture about "Sound Branding Business - Theory and Psychology" for students of our master program Music Management on September 13th, 2018. He will discuss the fascinating world of sound branding, sonic marketing and business opportunities for music managers in the field with our students.

John Groves talks about sound branding

Music Management - Master of Arts program


John Groves is a composer, music producer and consultant on the use of sound and music in advertising and communications. In the early 90s he became one oft he pioneers of Sound Branding, by developing a structured system for the creation and implementation of brand and corporate Sound Identities. GROVES Sound Communications has offices in Hamburg and London with representation in Stockholm, Zurich and Madrid. Their client list contains a number of distinguished brands such as Wrigley’s, Audi, BMW, Nivea, Mentos, Visa as well as a large nuber of radio and TV stations.


John Groves is guest lecturer at various universitites ans institutions eg. the University of Surrey/UK, the Miami Ad School and a faculty member at Danube University Krems.




Sound Branding

Sound Branding

Sound, especially music, is a powerful trigger for steering perception. Besides addressing our emotions directly, it can accurately trigger memories and associations.

Sound Branding is about using music as an instrument to create awareness and recognition in the same way as we do with visual design elements. It is important to note that this does not refer to the typical one-time use of a particular piece of music (for an advertising campaign or TV commercial) but more about sending constant uniform sound signals to provide identification via the the sense of hearing.


Sound Branding is systematic - both in its development and its implementation. Attributes are translated to the auditive level and communicated consistently across all touchpoints and applications. The often uncoordinated use of music is replaced with intentional „made-to-measure“ brand sound signals. These signals ensure recognition and contribute to differentiation. The sound identity transports the brands personality and attributes. It is developed strategically by using a catalogue of objective design and judgement parameters. If used consistently will become an integral part of a brands identity.


>> GROVES Sound Communications

>> John Groves @ Youtube



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