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The Power of Music in the Field of Marketing
Music Business Lounge with John Groves and Judith Merians
Sound Branding and the Marketplace: Aesthetics, Psychology, Economics, Legal Aspects
John Groves eloquently discussed the art, rationale, and the business of sound branding while analyzing the market and case studies. Using sound and/or music cues to establish or build brand awareness is a powerful tool, still relatively underestimated in the market at large. John talked about sound perception, music creation and cognitive psychology, sound production, and how those come together to yield a compelling sound identity for a brand, product, or service.

Together with Hollywood film and media star attorney, Judith Merians, John and Miguel Kertsman engaged the audience in a lively discussion about the aesthetics, production process and legal structures in the field of sound branding and media.

Save the date:
Oct. 8th, 2016: Workshop with Copyright and Technical Arts expert Steven Masur (in cooperation with mica - music austria)

Workshop with Steven Masur, MICA Seminarraum (Stiftgasse) - 8.10.2016, 15:00-17:00

Start MA Programs Music Management and Music for Applied Media: Oct. 3rd, 2016
Anna Doblhofer and Yu-Ting Chen
John Groves
J. Groves, M. Kertsman, J. Merians