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New MA Program Music Management at Danube University Krems
In October the Center for Contemporary Music (Danube University Krems) will offer a new MA Program: Music Management.

Top International Music Industry professionals offer students a broad and pragmatic overview as well as career options in the field of Music Management. As new technologies and business trends rapidly develop, the program’s part-time, modular system allows the learning experience to continuously remain up to date and ahead of the curve. The M.A. in Music Management is currently the only post-graduate program in German speaking countries offering courses in English.

The part-time Master of Arts program in Music Management features a faculty body consisting of internationally established music professionals and educators across a wide range of music genres and music industry areas. The curriculum focuses on disciplines within the General Business Management, Music Business, IP Law, Music Aesthetics, Production and History, and Music in Applied Media, fields. The program also offers students pursuing careers in this fast-evolving area, over 10 years in Post-Graduate Studies experience as successfully implemented at the Danube University’s Center for Contemporary Music. Several of our graduates hold a myriad of professional positions with leading music industry companies, or have developed their own successful businesses.


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