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FilmTonArt - Tag der Filmmusik
Miguel Kertsman at the film music conference "FilmTonArt"
Miguel Kertsman, composer, producer, and "Music for Applied Media" Course Director, about the conference "Tag der Filmmusik" - a short review.


On June, 24th, 2016 Miguel Kertsman attended the conference "Tag der Filmmusik" in Munich.



Very interesting and informative attending the 2016 Film Ton Art conference in Munich this past June. The panels addressed topics ranging from film composition aesthetics to current IP law issues. It was great visiting Munich, checking out some new films at the festival, meeting industry friends, colleagues and peers, and enjoying the warm hospitality extended to us by the conference's organizers, especially Elke Falkenberg and Mike Friedrich, including a very cool post-conference meet and greet event. We look forward to synergies and collaborations between the BR and Film Ton Art, and our Center for Contemporary Music here at the Danube University Krems. Check out our new M.A. programs in Music for Applied Media, and Music Management!




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M.Kertsman, C. Mayer, John Groves
Miguel Kertsman and John Groves
ZZM @ FilmTonArt

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