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Music for Applied Media
New MA Program Music for Applied Media at the Center for Contemporary Music

The new Master of Arts program, Music for Applied Media, follows a modular platform affording students and working professionals seeking further education access to scheduling and geographical flexibility. Moreover, as technology and trends quickly develop, the modular system ensures the program remain up to date and ahead of the curve.


Our curriculum is based on three basic and equally important pillars:

  • Theory, Research and Aesthetics / Artistic Creativity
  • Hands-on experience and technological advancements
  • Music management and the business ecosystem


Our faculty team includes leading professionals (add faculty link) and educators from various continents affording students a diverse, fresh and multi-faceted perspective on the topics at hand.


The M.A. Program in Music for Applied Media suits undergraduate students or professionals (composers, musicians, sound artists, musicologists, or those interested in production and management) focusing on, among other topics: music composition and production for the stage and the media, music aesthetics, sound and acoustics for musicians, signal processing and synthesis, recording arts; and key topics relevant to the music industry such as: intellectual property (IP), copyright, and entertainment law, music markets, project management, production, self-management and entrepreneurship.



>> M.A. Program Music for Applied Media (Master of Arts, MA)
Start: 3. October 2016
Duration: 5 semesters, part-time, low residency
Language: English

Further Study Courses:


Academic Expert Music Production for Applied Media
Certified Program Applied Media Music




Miguel Kertsman

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